One Shot at a Time – Kristian Bennese

We are continuing our featured artists series with a professional videographer from Central Pennsylvania.

Kristian Bennese specializes in video production ranging from music visuals to photojournalism.

In 2010, he started his own digital media production company, Bennese Media.

Since that time, Bennese has shot anything from music videos to weddings to sports matches and even some professional news footage.

While gaining experience is the name of the game to get to where you want to go, anyone that knows Bennese knows that his passion and drive leads him seeking his big break in the music industry in order to shoot music videos for a living.

Create more than just some pictures. Recreate extremes.

As you can see in the video above, Bennese has already partnered with rapper, Plane Jaymes, to create a visual for a couple of his tracks, such as “Cold Summer.”

789 caught up with Bennese to dive into his aspirations and see what step he’s looking to take next in pursuit of his dream.

Q: We’ve got to start at the beginning. Where did your passion for video production come from?

A: Growing up, everyone has toys or videos games or sports that they’re into and love. My friends and I had a camera and that’s what really interested me. Making up a story and creating it was like living in our imaginations. Then, after years of having fun with cameras and editing, I realized it’s the only thing that can capture my entire focus. Everything else bores me.

Q: How have you been able to refine your video production skills? Do you have any mentors or inspiration that has helped you along the way?

A: I’m never 100 percent satisfied with my work. I think you would hear that from every artist, but that pushed me so hard to create something that really stands out.  To create a quality piece of work that no one has seen before.

Also, I don’t necessarily believe in competing with other videographers. If there is a competition, it’s with myself. I’m never happy unless my next project is better than my last. As someone who doesn’t have any mentors, I run off of my own wild natural drive and trying to impress anyone and everyone. I hope I can bring happiness or at least help people escape their problems for a few minutes.

Q: Ultimately, what’s your dream and what are your goals for your digital media production?

A: In the near future, I’d love to join an artist on tour and explore the country, possibly the world. Overall, I would ultimately love to own and manage a production company that consists of all media forms, including video, music, and graphics. Pretty much, I would love to lead a company that creates an image and brand for artists.

Q: Currently, Bennese Media is your “side hustle” until you get that big break. What do you think it will take for you to get noticed to the point where you can solely focus on your production?

Bennese Media logo

A: To get noticed to the point where you can solely run a business like mine takes a lot of work. First, I have to understand that it’s all work, no down time. Working after I get off work… working weekends…. And honestly if it’s work then you shouldn’t be doing it. If you need motivation, you don’t actually want it then. It’s not natural. It’s more of something I love to do. Some people love driving, so they become race car drivers and love it. It’s something they do, yes. It’s a job, yes. But, it’s not work to them. This is not work to me. But, I have to realize that if I want this I have to go all in. I have to invest and risk so much. This is a business and it’s all run by me. The management, pre production, and shooting. The post production, and distribution. It’s a lot to do and there’s always so much more going on than people realize.

Q: What’s your next step? Do you have anything you’re working on currently?

A: The next step is to work with bigger and better artists and create the best visuals I’ve ever worked on and hopefully the best anyone has seen. In the near future, you can expect two visuals. They are in post production now. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve when I get everything lined up. So expect to see more of me.

Bennese offered this in response to the overall interview overall:

I’m not really one to give up. If I can’t get what I want, I work harder for it. And when I get what I want, I always want more. I think that might just be a normal human trait, but nothing stops me in this pursuit.

I like to always be different. That might sound cliche but the same old thing is safe and ultimately boring. I see directors who create nice work, but they never move forward. It’s always the same thing. The sad thing is, most of today’s visuals are shot in studios when we have this crazy world to explore. I’m always out in a new location in different conditions. That’s what life is. Create more than just some pictures. Recreate extremes.

Stay up-to-date with all of Bennese’s moves by following his Facebook page here.


Cale Ahearn

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