Manchester City v Wolverhampton Premier League Recap 8/25

The Cityzens took on the Wolves early Saturday morning for a disappointing draw that ended a hot start to their 2018-2019 campaign. Many expected City to continue last season’s immaculate form. While it is still early in the season, Man City can definitely look back on this and take some notes.

All in all, this was a pretty close match, thanks in part to the Wolves lockdown defense.

The score at full time showed a 1-1 score, but there were inconsistencies that could have seen Manchester win 2-0.

The Wolves centerback, Willy Boly, put the first tally on the board, with a goal that should have been disallowed for a blatant handball, in addition to him being offsides. Unfortunately, the view on the goal was skewed for the sideline ref and the frenchmen’s goal stood.

Willy Boly celebrates the goal that would put them ahead 1-0. Image from ESPNFC.

12 minutes later, Manchester City came back off a set-piece. Ilkay Gündogan set up Aymeric Laporte to secure the centerback’s first goal at the club.

Aymeric Laporte scores the equalizer for Manchester City. Image from ESPNFC.

There was also an obvious penalty not awarded on the foul that occurred on David Silva by Rueben Neves. Neves clashed into Silva and took out his leg during a prime opportunity to score and the ref continued the play.

The game ended up with a 1-1 tie with plenty of missed opportunites by Raheem Sterling and Aguero’s free-kick at the end of injury time that hit the woodwork.

Overall, City played a bit sloppy with a lot of careless mistakes, although still dominating in possession and I do have to hand it to Wolverhampton on their ability to play defensively against a high press, high attacking team.

Manchester City take on Newcastle United next week in hopes to clinch 3 more points.

To see the match highlights, click here!


Matt Casey

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