Captain Marvel – First Look and How She’ll Take Center Stage in Phase 4 of the MCU

The last end-credit scene in Avengers: Infinity War left us all in awe. As humanity was suffering from Thanos’ infamous snap, we see a distraught Nick Fury announce a “code-red” and reach for a small communication device. Immediately after, Fury disintegrates into ashes and Captain Marvel’s iconic logo and colors appear on screen.

On Wednesday,  the world was officially introduced to Captain Marvel in full costume with Entertainment Weekly’s front page, and it did not disappoint.

Front page of Entertainment Weekly starring Brie Larson as Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel.

The actress teased the reveal via social media last week.

brie tweet
Brie’s conversation with EW’s Twitter account on Sept. 4th.

Captain Marvel will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female solo-led film throughout the franchise. After the successful theatrical run DC’s Wonder Woman had, Marvel Studios know it’s the perfect moment to capitalize on a strong, female character… if done correctly.

As Marvel looks to shift its focus to “Phase 4” of their franchise, Captain Marvel will play a vital role, if not the vital role, in the next string of superhero movies. There is speculation that she will be at the forefront of the future Marvel movies, potentially even leading an all female Avengers team.

When Iron Man was released in 2008, the MCU found its glue in a selfish, egotistical, playboy billionaire that would captivate audiences and accompany them on a journey for more than 10 years. Although with every beginning comes an end. After all, contracts for Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey JR. (Ironman) are set to expire after the next Avengers installment with no talks to renew.

 Brie Larson being the “Tony Stark” of the next decade isn’t ludicrous; we will actually have to say goodbye to our favorites for good. It would make sense for someone as powerful and iconic as Captain Marvel to take over the ropes when our old Avengers depart. 2019’s Captain Marvel is set to be the foundation of phase four of the MCU along with the untitled Avengers film and Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

In addition, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, Marvel has plans for more movies focused on women superheroes.

“With [Ant-Man and The Wasp] and now with Captain Marvel and many movies to be announced in the near future, I’m anxious for the time where it’s not a novelty that there is a female-led superhero movie, but it is a norm,” said Feige in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “And it is less a story of, ‘Oh, look, a female hero,’ and it’s more a story of, ‘Oh, what’s this about? Who’s this character? I’m excited to see that.’ And I think we can get there.”

Tessa Thompson, the actress who played Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnorak, also weighed in on the matter. “I think what we’re seeing, regardless of a lady liberator or an A-force movie or a female ensemble Marvel movie, is that in Phase Four, women rule supreme. We’re seeing a Black Widow movie in the works, which I hear about and is so exciting, Captain Marvel with Brie Larson and DeWanda Wise. We’re seeing that women are at the forefront of these stories [and], of course, with Black Panther those incredible warrior women in that film.”

I’m excited for Captain Marvel and all the possibilities she will bring with her. I’m especially thrilled because it’s Brie Larson. If you aren’t familiar with her work, PLEASE check it out:

Brie Larson will take to the skies in Captain Marvel in March 2019.

Andy Moran

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