Arsenal Get Back to Winning Ways

On Sunday morning, I woke up to watch Chelsea take on Southampton. Feeling excited about the Blues’ recent form, I also became instantaneously nervous.

I checked my phone and Arsenal had just finished putting 5 past Fullham to end the game 5-1.

I know its just Fullham, but with this blowout, Arsenal have now won their last 9 games through all competitions including the Premier League, Europa League and the Carabao Cup.

The Gunners are heating up.

And it seems this recent gain in form can be due to a bright, attacking chemistry between Alexandre Lacazette (four goals and two assists) and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (four goals and one assist) who were both acquired during the 17-18 transfer window.

Speaking after the game on Sunday afternoon, Lacazette spoke warmly about his relationship with Aubameyang. “It is good, he is like my brother,” Lacazette said of the Gabon international. “We talk every day and we love working together. Today in front of the goal we scored two goals each, which is good.”

Initially, it would seem these two players would compete for the same striker position. Maybe under Arsene Wenger. But with the new coach Emery, Aubameyang has been seen deployed on the left side and this tactical decision has paid its dividends.

Other notable players are Aaron Ramsey who has contributed with three assists and Hector Bellerin with two.

New manager, new attacking partnership, new hope for Arsenal fans. The promises of a new philosophy when Arsene Wenger was released have come to fruition.

Aaron Ramsey heels the ball into the Fulham net to make it 3 – 1.

As for the game on Sunday, Arsenal jumped ahead at the 28th mark, with Monreal putting a cross into Lacazette who turned gracefully at the corner of the six yard line to put it passed the left side of the keeper.

Andre Schurrle would then nab the tie for Fulham in minute 43 with a chip over Arsenal’s goalie to send the game into half-time.

The Gunners never looked back during the second half, firing four more to ultimately win 5-1. You can watch the highlights here.

Unai Emery expressed the mentality going forward is crucial for good results. “When we lost the first two matches against Manchester City and Chelsea, we were calm, and when we are winning now, I think we need to be in the same way in our mentality,” Emery said. “We are going up in the table little by little giving us a better position for our objective.

“But I am just thinking about the next match against Leicester at the Emirates, in our home, with our supporters. I want to give them and to show them we are improving with our quality, with our mentality and above all with commitment we had here today.”

Arsenal now sits in fourth place, shy of two points to enter the top three. Fourth is not where they want to be, but with a new manager and a new gain in form, entering the top three is around the corner.

Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures: Leicester City 10/22 , Sporting CP 10/25 (Europa League), Crystal Palace 10/28, Blackpool 10/31 with Liverpool awaiting them for their first game in November.


Andy Moran

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