New Segment: Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner

So, spoiler alert: my teams STINK. Like, bottom of the barrel last place bad.

BUT, that’s exactly why I’m doing this! Because maybe I’ll give out better ideas than I give to myself.

Which is why I’m starting Tyler’s unqualified fantasy corner, it lacks sound logic and good decision-making, the perfect formula for fantasy football!

Here’s how we’ll do this: I’ll shell out what I think is going to happen this week with some fringe “should I start em should I sit em” types and then completely contradict myself. Sound! Let’s get started.


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Corey Clement

Call me an Eagles homer, but Clement is a producer, his career to date averages of 4.1 yards per carry and almost 11 yards a reception prove that. With Jay Ajayi lost for the year with a torn ACL, the Eagles will have to rely on their plethora of backs, and Clement should lead the way.

WHY I’M WRONG: Wendell Smallwood is going to get hot and lead the way, or also Josh Adams. Or Doug Peterson completely abandons the ground and Carson Wentz throws 60 times. One of those.

Baker Mayfield

I am all in. I was super skeptical about Baker coming out of college. I was wrong, the dude is a magic show in cleats. He lit up the Ravens for nearly 400 yards last weekend and helped orchestrate the game winning drive in overtime in a sloppy divisional game. He makes the Joey Boss-less Chargers look silly Sunday with 3 touchdowns and another Browns win.

WHY I’M WRONG: Baker will play like a rookie this weekend and Melvin Ingram will sack him twice while the Chargers run up the score on Cleveland. Book it.

Chester Rogers

This guy has 16 catches on 22 targets the last two weeks against Houston and New England, respectively. If you’re in a PPR league especially, this guy is worth a flier. With no T.Y. Hilton or Jack Doyle, and Andrew Luck likely to throw plenty, the opportunity will be fruitful in Mr. Rogers neighborhood on Sunday. (I’m so sorry.)

WHY I’M WRONG: Really? Chester Rogers? WHO? Jamal Adams won’t let this guy anywhere near the middle of the field and he gets shut down. Your team loses by 2 points because of a dropped pass. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!


Image result for isaiah crowell

Devin Funchess

Now Funchess is a big bodied receiver (6’4) a number 1 target for Cam Newton and they throw a lot. But against his former teammate Josh Norman and a Washington team at home looking to bounce back on an ugly loss on primetime Monday, look for Washington to bounce back, and Funchess to suffer.


Norman looks slower this year and Funchess is due for a big game after a slow game against the Giants last week, the game gets close and Cam has to throw a ton, and Funchess scores a touchdown resulting in you losing hours of sleep and suffering on Monday for your decision.

Amari Cooper

This has been a weird season for Oakland. Gruden, the Vegas move, Mark Davis’ hair. Even more strange has been Cooper’s stat line. Week 1 one catch, Week 2 ten, Week 3 two, Week 4 eight, Week 5 one. With that pattern he’s due, right? Wrong. The Seahawks are coming off a heartbreaker against the Rams and need a bounce back to keep up in the NFC Wild Card. Look for Cooper to be shut down again as Carr struggles against the artist formerly known as the Legion of Boom


Well, like it was said above, the pattern. Amari is due for a big game. He’ll get 10 catches on 14 targets and get the Raiders season back on track with those 2 touchdowns. And you’re sitting there wondering why you benched your 4th round pick during a crucial week 6 matchup against your college roommate.

Isaiah Crowell

Crow just came off a MONSTER week. 219 yards on 14 carriers is incredible. Enough of OPOY honors. Crowell has 5 touchdowns and playing against a Colts team ranked in the bottom half of the week in rushing defense. But, it IS Isaiah Crowell. The week prior to this offensive explosion he had 4 carries for 0 yards. Zero. The inconsistency could hurt, along with his split with veteran Bilal Powell, expect regression here.


The Jets ride the wave of their success and run circles around the Colts, led by the legs of Isaiah Crowell, who goes for another 150 and another touchdown to give him 6 on the season. Therefore locking him in your starting lineup for the rest of the season until you start second guessing yourself on Tuesday morning at 6:30 A.M. when you are already thinking about the upcoming weekend of matchups before work that day. I can’t be the only one who does that, right?

Thus concludes Tyler’s Unqualified fantasy corner V1. I hope everybody has a great weekend checking your fantasy teams at 1:03 shortly after opening kicks to see if you aren’t projected to lose quite yet.

Tyler Downey

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