Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 9

Week 9. The midway point of the NFL season. It’s crazy that we’re already this far. And even crazier that I just hung a crisp 65 in a game I needed to win. (I didn’t win BTW)

But this isn’t about me. This is about all of you that choose to read and maybe take my advice.

It’s crunch time. 4th and Goal with the game on the line. You’re down two with 10 seconds left and need a three to win, because we don’t play for overtime here.

There are approximately 7,567 players on a bye this week. Don’t worry, I crunched the numbers and did the math for you. You’re shorthanded. You’re welcome.

This is the week you dig deep. Find the waiver that swings the season, and you win the tough matchups without your best players.

Let’s go (hopefully) win us some matchups. More wins, less Kenjon Barner. Here’s what we got!


Image result for kenny golladay

Kenny Golladay, DET WR

Golladay has been quiet the last couple of weeks. However, that looks to change now. With Number 1 receiver Golden Tate now residing in Philadelphia, Golladay looks to be the number one guy in Detroit. He was 2nd (now first) on the team in catches, third in targets, and 2nd in yards. Look for a big game from him Sunday.


Even with Tate gone, the Jones boys get a majority of the catches. Golladay puts up another dud, you look like a big dumb dumb for starting him over Marquise Goodwin who scores another long touchdown.

Courtland Sutton, DEN WR

Here’s another guy impacted by a trade. With Demaryius gone, Sutton slides into the number 2 role next to Emmanuel Sanders. Sutton has been efficient when he has been given a chance, and now that he is the next man up, expect Keenum to get him opportunities early and often.


Did I purposely use this for Case Keenum? Absolutely not, I can’t believe you would think I would do such a thing.

Demaryius Thomas, HOU WR

The theme of this weeks starts are guys who were either affected by trades or was actually traded. Thomas will play for the Texans for the first time at his former home in Denver. If that doesn’t spell out revenge game i don’t know what does. Denver has been just short of brutal this season, and the Texans are one of the hottest teams in football. Its a quick turn around, but look for him to get in the end zone against his former team.


Thomas has been sluggish all season and the first game with a new team proves to be a little much for Thomas, who doesn’t get acclimated quick enough and he barely plays. Keke Coutee gets all his targets and you look silly for thinking you could start a wide receiver who joined a team 5 days before.


Image result for sammy watkins

Adam Thielen, MIN WR

I’m just kidding.

Sammy Watkins, KC WR

Watkins had a biiiiig week last week. I would know, he may have ended my season. Even coming off his big game, I think he regresses. He is notorious for being extremely spotty and even against the lowly Browns, I think Watkins comes back down to earth.


Sammy Watkins is finally hitting his stride in the Chiefs high powered offense, there is absolutely zero chance he DOESN’T go off as the Chiefs demolish the Browns and he scores another 2 times on 150 yards from Kermit Mahomes.

Calvin Ridley, ATL WR

Seems like forever ago he scored all those touchdowns in one game. Call me crazy, but I think Julio has that Julio game he has once a year where he goes for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. He is due, and I think that is going to affect Ridley. I’d expect him to continue through that mid-season rookie wall.


Julio? scoring? REALLY? I don’t know why you would have ever thought that. The last time that guy scored was during the Reagan Administration. Ridley scores twice against Josh Norman.

Mark Ingram, NO RB

Ingram has been pretty up and down since his return. His first game back he came out firing with 2 touchdowns and 60 yards and has since dipped. He has a really tough match-up against the juggernaut Rams. This feels like a Kamara game. I would go with better options than Ingram this week.


You think that Ingram isn’t going to play well against LA when the Saints might actually be as good as LA, so you bench him for Kenyan Drake, who has been on a tear since that disaster fumble against Chicago and as soon as you put him in he hits a wall while Ingram goes off, completely ending your season and all hope you had at an outside chance to get into the playoffs.

I promise, it may seem it every single week, but I am definitely not bitter.

Enjoy the games and Happy Halloween! See you next Wednesday.





Tyler Downey

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