Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 12

Monday night was what football is ALL about. Chiefs vs. Rams, in the Colosseum, under the bright lights. The explosion, the back and forth, the constant big plays, the lack of proper sleep that night going into work Tuesday, that is what Monday Night Football is all about. I was just so juiced up from the game. It felt like the Super Bowl, and I hope it was a potential preview. That was awesome.

It featured a lot of this seasons fantasy heroes: Gurley, Mahomes, Hill, Kelce. Chances are, if you have any of these guys, you’re sitting pretty this year. But those are the guys you know will produce, and they’re all off this week.

It’s a CRUCIAL Week 12, playoffs are around the corner, and you need that fill in for Gurleys sure-fire 20 a week. No Kelce at Tight End, you need a spot start. It’s crunch time.

Let’s find those sleepers and save your season……or not. Let’s dive in, shall we!


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David Njoku, CLE TE

Njoku is Baker’s guy. Save for the goose egg a few weeks back, it’s been a pretty solid season for him, especially after Bake joining the fold. His targets have nearly doubled, as has his production. The Bengals have been absolutely reeling of late, following back to back losses to the Saints juggernaut and then to Lamar Jackson, they’re weak. The Browns are fresh off a bye week following their big dub against Atlanta, look for Njoku to put a nice touchdown on.


Well…let’s just say you leave him in for the entire season, need him to produce, and then you look down at the 0 as the clock approaches 4:00 P.M. EST. The sick feeling in your stomach, you feel that? You do? Let me tell you this, you aren’t the only one.

Sterling Shepard, NYG WR

I normally do a nice long summary about why I think a player is going to produce and try to provide stats and facts to back me up. Giants play the Eagles. I am an Eagles fan, Shepard is productive. The Eagles number 2 CB right now is Devante Bausby. I know how this one ends.


I’m not.

Colt McCoy, WAS QB

Colt McCoy thrown into the spotlight yet again. Just like his glory days at Texas, look for him to produce. Maybe don’t expect the beast he was all the way back then, but there’s a reason he has stuck around this long in the league. Good backup QB’s are a dime a dozen.  Now as a starter, look for him to help carry the Washington offense forward, that starts with beating a Dallas team that has quickly turned it around.


There is a reason Colt McCoy isn’t a full time starter, and you still had the guts to put him in your lineup? Well, there is a reason you’re 4-7 on the verge of the toilet bowl instead of making a run at your title.


Image result for eric ebron

Eric Ebron, IND TE

Ebron has been LIGHTING up the football field all season. 10 touchdowns in 40 touches this year is wild efficiency. But, with Jack Doyle back healthy and Mo Alie-Cox emerging, Ebron is losing snaps and touches, as evidenced by his goose egg this week. One catch he couldn’t even muster. NOTHING! (I’m not a bitter fantasy player at all.) With Doyle on the field and the Cotls offense really opening p, look for Ebron to struggle.


Ebron proves last week was a fluke and continues to light up the scoreboard yet again this weekend. Colts continue their improbable run to the playoffs and you continue your very predictable tumble down the hill of sadness.

Jordan Howard, CHI RB

You guys hear that? That’s the sound of CHASE DANIEL! It sounds like Mitchell Trubisky may have some trouble starting this week with a shoulder injury he sustained on Sunday night. That injury directly affects Jordan Howard’s production. With Daniel back behind center, the Lions will look to attack the running game, Howard will struggle Thursday.


Trubisky plays, Cohen hardly touches the ball, and Howard and the Bears make me pay again for falsely picking a Bear in the Don’t Start category. Just like they’ve done to me all year long.

Jared Cook, OAK TE

The Raiders are bad. Jared Cook is not. He is having a very productive season thus far, and as Derek Carr’s most talented target, he will continue to produce. However, they are still the Raiders, and they are playing the Ravens in Baltimore as they look for a crucial win. I think they stifle Cook, don’t expect too much production out of him this week.


Just to put the icing on the cake after you listened to me to start Golden Tate last week, you leave Cook on the bench as he goes off for yet another game where you see him trotting into the end zone when it cuts to the Raiders-Ravens game on Redzone Sunday. You look around in fear, as your season comes slowly collapsing right in front of you.

I hope everybody has a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. Give thanks to everything you got, including another opportunity to watch the sport we love all weekend.

Enjoy the great food, family and arguments with your Uncle who you see once a year, see you all next Wednesday!

Tyler Downey

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