The Phillies Need You Know Who

Month 4.

Water is starting to run short, people are hungry, football is about to end, the cold winter is in the dog days, and Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are still MIA.

Baseball’s off-season is always a little slower in comparison to basketball and football, where free agency begins it’s a free-for-all and then it’s over in days. (Definitely not tampering at all, definitely not.)

Even if it isn’t too far out of the ordinary, it feels like this baseball offseason has moved at a SNAILS pace, with everybody waiting for arguably the two biggest free agents since Albert Pujols to sign.

Don’t let any of these talking heads tell you ANY different, the Phillies have to land one of them. It is imperative.

Sure, it is going to cost a pretty penny and a whole decade of commitment, but it doesn’t matter.

Will it backfire? It certainly could, but it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter.

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(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

The Phillies have been rebuilding for going on about 5 years, which is completely fine, I love me a good rebuild. It is #TTP forever, after all.

However, in every rebuild comes a time to strike, you see the opening to better your team and to start to climb the ladder. In some cases, you have the rare opportunity to make the move that could completely change the trajectory of the team. Rarely does a talent come around like Bryce Harper or Manny Machado come around for free. Well, obviously not free, but free as in the cost of assets will be nothing.

Normally, to acquire the star, you have to surrender the picks, the prospects, the excuse for “well they’re just young.” If you have an opportunity, you go get the guy, no matter the cost.

I don’t have to explain who Machado or Harper are, they’re the best players at their respective positions, they’re superstars and they’ll instantly boost the Phillies lineup tenfold.

With both only at 26 years of age, their primes haven’t even hit yet. The Phillies have done fantastic this offseason in acquiring players to move the team forward. And they’re almost there.

Segura, McCutchen and Robertson are all fine additions that will help the lineup add some pop and help the bullpen finish out games, respectively.

Harper and Machado are the ones that change the entire franchise, spark an entire city’s excitement.

It’s been a long 11 years since this:

There’s already buzz back in the ballpark, the feeling of excitement of tailgating outside the stadium, going and enjoying the game and spending the day at the sports complex are sparked once again.

The anticipation is there, and it could still go up an entire decibel.

The two players will help complete the excitement and bring Phillies baseball all the way back. With the Eagles still only 12 months removed from the Super Bowl, the Sixers firmly in the hunt for the title, and the Flyers lifers who never go anywhere, the Phillies need the buzz to make sure the big 4 stay that way for a long time. Harper and Machado will make sure they are back in the national conversation for good.

Image result for manny machado
(Jennifer Stewart/USA TODAY Sports)

Yes, the Phillies will be a fine team without them. Hoskins, Nola, and Segura are all perennial all-stars, which will help them compete in the all of a sudden difficult NL East. However, Harper or Machado are the missing piece.

Do what needs to be done, Klentak. Secure the bag and bring the buzz back to the Bank.

Bring Bryce or Manny home.

Tyler Downey

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