2018-19 NFL Playoff Predictions: Super Bowl LIII

It’s finally here.

The pulse-pounding conclusion of the 2018 NFL season is slated for Sunday night at 6:35 p.m., and will feature the ever-winning New England Patriots against the up-and-coming Los Angeles Rams.

The Patriots are back for the team’s second straight Super Bowl appearance, while the Rams are continuing their rise from mediocrity since head coach Sean McVay was hired last season.

A matchup of old school versus new school should prove to be entertaining.

SUPER BOWL LII: New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams

I’m a big gut-feeling guy.

For the last two weeks, my gut-feeling has been the New England Patriots are going to walk into Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta and beat up on the Los Angeles Rams.

Now, with the game a mere day away, my feeling has changed.

With two weeks to prepare for a team like New England, I think McVay will have some tricks up his sleeve for the Patriots. I also believe that the two week break helped Rams’ RB Todd Gurley get healthy, which is key because they will need his production to win this game.

Rams’ RB Todd Gurley (left) and QB Jared Goff (right)

Similar to how the Eagles won last year, I think the Rams will have just enough surprises and get enough pressure on QB Tom Brady to keep the Patriots from winning yet another Super Bowl.

I expect the game to go down to the last drive, with the Rams making a big defensive stop to clinch the Super Bowl title.

Cale’s Pick: Rams, 31-28

It’s a bit of a different feeling this year with no Eagles in the super Bowl. I can look at this one a little more objectively. You know, relax a little bit.

Tom Brady. Jared Goff. New Avengers teaser. It’s going to be a doozy.
I fully expect this to go down to a Hail Mary on the last play. I have found myself watching Super Bowl highlights from the last 10-ish years or so. It always comes down to the wire, hardly is there a Super Bowl where it is decided before the last two minutes.

Patriots’ QB Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick

I think Gurley is going to show out for the game, with two touchdowns. James White is going to catch 12 passes, and Aaron Donald is going to be really mean to the Patriots interior linemen.

The Patriots are going to win, and I can’t really envision the Rams pulling this one out. The Pats are rolling, McDaniels has the offense firing on all cylinders and I think the defense has one big play in them. 

Goff is going to make one mistake that I think will put the Rams juuuuust out of reach. Brady gets number 6 and completes the infinity gauntlet. Suddenly…I don’t feel so good.

Tyler’s Pick: Patriots, 37-34

Thanks for checking out our picks all NFL Postseason long!

Cale Ahearn

I am currently a Digital Content Producer at WPMT-FOX43, at least that's my day job. I am a graduate of Shippensburg University that majored in Communications/Journalism. My goal and dream is to cover professional sports for a living. I am a lifelong Philadelphia Sports fan, and am a diehard of the Phillies, Eagles, and Sixers. Ultimately, my goal is to make 789 Media the best it can be, your one-stop-shop for news, music and entertainment news, sports, and anything you could want for your homepage of your web browser to be. I hope you enjoy the content of our site as much as we enjoy creating it.

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