OPINION: An Analysis of Why Offset is Literally the Worst

Every now and again an artist or celebrity will come around that completely takes over the world. Sometimes this person is talented, sometimes this person is controversial, and sometimes the person is so authentic you cannot help but watch them. In the case of one Cardi B, she is all three.

A talented rapper with multiple platinum hits, a figure who is not above throwing a shoe at another hip-hop artist, and even someone who can give fans too large a peak into their private life (just look at her Instagram videos for examples). This past weekend Cardi B did the unthinkable when she became the first solo female rap artist to take home the Grammy for Best Rap Album. Cardi had finally done it, silenced the haters and proved that she has what it takes to hang with hip-hop’s biggest artist.

The moment should of been all hers, however the spotlight quickly shifted to her on again/off again husband, Offset.

Offset, who is ⅓ of rap group Migos, has been making headlines even before his relationship with Cardi B. The rapper was famously arrested after the groups debut album and would not get released for 8 months forcing Migos to go on a hiatus and leave their label.

Cardi and Offset became a couple in April of 2017 when Cardi was first starting to make a name for herself. The couple has had their fair share of make ups and break ups starting as early as a month into the relationship. Even with his support for her career, Offset has still done much to hurt Cardi’s reputation. Following numerous cheating scandals, to which Cardi has called Offset out on social media for, the man still cannot keep his hands to himself. Cardi has not only called out Offset on social media but also at shows and concerts. Even going as far as to change the lyrics of popular songs to shade the Atlanta rapper.

Cardi revealed that she and Offset were expecting their first child during Cardi’s performance on Saturday Night Live in April 2018. Their daughter was born in July of that year. Cardi revealed on Ellen that Offset chose the name of their first daughter, Kulture after Migo’s album of the same name *que eye roll*. The couple would later separate again following shocking (not!) cheating allegations about Offset, Cardi even going as far as discussing divorce to her fans on Instagram Live. However the two would vacation together over the holidays and seemingly re-sparking their relationship.

This brings us to this past weekend at the Grammys’. Not only did Cardi walk away with a trophy but she also shut the house down for her performance of her hit single, Money. Yet her performance would become more infamous on social media for her husbands overly thirsty reaction to his wife. Finally the cherry on top of the evening was not only Offset taking the stage with Cardi during her acceptance speech but later on with the press. Every photo Cardi was featured in with her Grammy also has Offset no far. This was her night, her moment and Offset felt the need to also bask in a spotlight that was not his.

There have been several famous musician couples. From R&B legends to rock n’ roll stars, it is not an uncommon practice to see. Pop culture has numerous examples from the low end of couples like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. A relationship many still think brought the demise of the great Whitney Houston. Then there are examples of couples who have made it work after scandals. Take for example Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Beyoncé’s album Lemonade is an honest portrait into the life of the stars. With Beyoncé breaking her silence and discussing Jay-Z’s infidelity and affair. Jay-Z would even release his own side of the story with an album of his own, 4:44. Even going as far as to do a joint tour after the fact.

If someone like Offset is going to change and become a full-time supporter of his wife and just not when it is convenient to him, he must start sooner rather than later. In a world filled with too many men like Bobby Brown who used their partners success to increase their clout and notoriety. Offset should look to men like Jay-Z on how to “man up” and be the man that his wife and child need.

Jake Riggs

He/Him/His - Pop Culture Junkie - Community Organizer - LGBTQ+ & Proud - #SupportTransWomenOfColor #ProtectTransKids #LoveIsLove

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