Tyler’s Travel Log – Montréal & Ottawa

I like to travel.

Seeing different places of the world is something that I like to do and feel like is something in life that sometimes is needed. This year especially, I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling, and I’m going to take you all with me along the ride.

Throughout my travels this year, I will break down the good, the not So good, and what’s something I think everyone should try.

The first trip of the year: Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa, Ontario in the beautiful country of Canada.

It was my first time in Canada, and the 4th time I had left the country. It was, however, the first time that I didn’t leave by plane, so customs was certainly interesting and something I didn’t expect to go so…smoothly? My girlfriend Amanda and I zipped right through and away we went to learn how to speak French.

So we’ll file that under the “Good!” Category.

I’m an optimist so let’s do the Good last and the Bad first.

Without further ado…


To be honest….I am 100% nitpicking doing this. There was like, nothing bad about my experience in this city. The people were wonderful, it wasn’t expensive, and there was so much to do, but to nitpick:

The Drive:

To get there and back it was about 7.5 hours each way. We stopped a bunch of times and it still wasn’t too bad. Could it have been shorter? Sure. But it really was fine, a ton of mountains and a scenic drive. Recommend.

The Weather:

It was cold. There was snow everywhere. But, it’s crazy. They had a GIANT blizzard the day before, and it just is like…fine. Icicles are falling from buildings, ho hum. Another day.

The roads and sidewalks are cleared fast, and it is easy to navigate everything. Day after a snowstorm and we walked 15 minutes to the Flyers/Canadiens game. (Flyers got murdered, add that to the bad)

Again, it’s super cool to see Canada in the winter. Highly recommend.

This Burger I Had at Dinner:

There was plenty of good food there. Unfortunately, the burger wasn’t one of them!

But then we got room service! Which was awesome. Recommend THAT.

As you can tell….not very good at describing the bad…because there really wasn’t any. Now onto the reeeeally good stuff.


The Hockey

I am a basketball guy. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. TTP. There’s just something about watching hockey in the homeland of it, though. Maybe it’s the French speaking stadiums, the passion of the people in the arenas, the fact that Coors Light is the main beer there.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s magical, and a h*ck of an experience. I can’t wait to do it again.

Seeing two hockey towns, both Montreal and Ottawa, it only makes you want to go back even more. And even though our teams didn’t win (the Flyers and my one day as a Senators fan) the experience is something I couldn’t recommend faster.

Even more so, the Senators in game experience might be the greatest thing ever:

The Scenery

Maybe this goes back to the fact that we were acting like tourists the whole time, but it’s just something about seeing the broad outdoors of driving through Canada. I mean, there is Moose crossing signs…

MOOSE! That is awesome. You don’t get that around these parts.

People were cross country skiing in the park like it was a normal jog. What is that? Incredible, that’s what. A ski jog. That is next on the agenda for trip number dos.

There’s so many museums. Between the fine arts museum in Montreal and the Canadian History Museum in Ottawa, there’s so much history to explore. If you’re a nerd like me, this could have your attention for a full day.

To go from absolute outdoors to the busy buzz of a city night is always something that gets me interested, seeing it in another country simply enhances it.

The Bagels

Fire. If you go to Montreal, go into the city and get bagels. If you don’t, I don’t trust you.

If you’re a travel rat and love to explore, Canada and more specifically the cities of Montreal and Ottawa cannot be recommended by me fast enough.

10/10 would go back yesterdeh. Get it. Eh.

Okay, I’m done.

See you next time!

*All photos courtesy of myself and Amanda Bruns*

Tyler Downey

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