Tyler’s Travel Log – Annapolis

We’re back for another episode of ‘Where in the World is Tyler Downey?’ On this weeks episode: Annapolis, Maryland!

We’ll do the same thing as last time. I’ll talk about what I like, what I didn’t (but secretly did anyway) and all of that.

First things first, I am a GIANT history nerd so this trip was big for me. There are countless museums and little pieces of history in this town, it has such an old school feel and it feels like you’re walking through the 1800’s at some point with the different shops and restaurants. The Naval Academy is right in the city (which we’ll get to). It is beautiful.

With that being said, I had NO idea this was the capital of Maryland until we were standing at the capital building in the middle of the city. I like to think I can still remember all 50 state capitals from 5th grade Social Studies class. While I can’t name them all, I can still pick out a few random ones. (I’m looking at you, Cheyenne Wyoming.)

Let’s get started.


The Massive Crowd at the Hotel at Night.

We went on the weekend before St. Paddy’s weekend. Or as we like to call it in the Irish Community: Christmas.

After exploring all day and enjoying some post dinner festivities we went back to the hotel and returned to the sweet sound of yelling and bagpipes, as is tradition.

It was an Irish wave of greatness. It was loud, I couldn’t sleep. It was wonderful.

None of the Cool Hats were ‘47 Brand

I like those hats. It was a bummer.

The Sixers

They got smoked by the Rockets the first night, it stunk.

Great, now that the bad stuff is out the way…


Naval Academy

There are certain things in the world that are very difficult to put into words unless you just see it. The Naval Academy falls into that category.

I had heard people talk about the Naval Academy before, wanting to go there or just visit. It never really crossed my mind to even want to go visit.

It was a very sobering place to be at. The amount of history that lies there and the heroes who died defending their country who walked that campus. It was truly rewarding being able to see it first hand.

Between the Chapel, the shrine underneath it, the campus, John McCain’s resting place.

It was incredible, I highly recommend everybody check it out at least once in their life.

The Night Life

Annapolis is extremely unique. There’s the history aspect, there’s also a college aspect. With the Naval Academy right there, as well as St. John’s College, there are plenty of people and plenty of bars.

If you are looking for something to do, you won’t go a block without spotting a bar. (Or an Escape room or haunted hotel).

You will never be bored here.

The History

Between the Naval Academy, which we discussed, and the museums and tours, you will find plenty of history.

One particular thing we saw was inside the Senate and House Chamber, where the Maryland senate and members of the house gather to talk policy and vote on legislation.

Seeing that up close is something any history buff needs to check out. You never know what may be voted on next, and you can say you got a chance to be standing where a major piece of American history just took place.

Regardless if you’re into American history or you’re looking for a quiet weekend to have some drinks and explore a cool town. I couldn’t recommend Annapolis more.

Coming up on the travel logs, we’ve got another cold trip coming up that may or may not involve plenty of hoops….stay tuned.

See you all next time! Happy traveling!

*All photos courtesy of Allison Downey Photography*

Tyler Downey

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  1. Hi, Keith here from Cheyenne. Long time reader, first time commented….

    I would just like to say, WHERE DO YOU GET OFF SIR! Cheyenne is anything but random!!! #Unsubscribe #ImAngry

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