WATCH: Lost in the Middle of Nowhere (Spanish Version) – Kane Brown Ft. Becky G

It was so much fun to work with my friend Kane Brown on this remix, a fusion of what he and I love most; country and Reggaeton,” said Becky G.

Country lovers and Latin music lovers UNITE! What?! My exact thought when I saw there was a SPANISH version of a Kane Brown song that popped on my feed over the weekend. Although I had to read the YouTube title twice just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, this unique collaboration is actually enjoyable. To my surprise, Kane Brown’s voice compliments the latin vibes extraordinary well and pulls off singing in Spanish. A brave attempt to appeal to a whole another world with the help of yellow power ranger turned Latin recording artist – Becky G. I quickly added this to my Spanish playlist. Lost in the Middle of Nowhere originally came out in 2018 on his album Experiment.

When I named my album Experiment, one of the things that was important to me was to not feel limited sonically in what I could do, including the types of instruments and collaborations.”  Brown continues, “I’m a country artist, but I have a range of influences. I didn’t feel pressured to keep it in a certain box because of the way my fans have always been there for me, which has lead to some amazing chances to branch out and work with people I admire throughout a range of genres including Becky G.”

Andy Moran

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