Lil Nas X released another single and no one told me?

At the end of April, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” broke the single week streaming record in the U.S.

Both his original version and his remix with Billy Ray Cyrus counted towards the 143 million streams, surpassing Drake’s “In My Feelings” which previously held the spot with 116.2 million.

I’m not going to lie, much like rapper Blueface, I would bet a year’s worth of my own salary that these two would be one hit wonders. Then I found this…

Uhhhh, was ANYONE going to let me know that he put out another single? I mean, this came out in JANUARY! “BANZUP'” probably won’t do the numbers that his first single achieved but nevertheless this is a good ass song! I really get Lil Baby and Gunna vibes from it.

There are some key lines to dissect here:

"I really think ain't no more rules to this rap shit
I really think Josh could be Drake’ing"
  • Referring to hit Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake and Josh, Nas refers to rappers not portraying their true selves, a good example would be 6ix9ine and his antics. A successful (somewhat) rapper that knew how to manipulate social media, but ultimately paid the price for his wrongdoings.

“N**** moving up, I got my old friends acting friendlier”

  • Ah, success attracts the snakes! Nas hints at his old friends suddenly wanting to reconnect.

“Go plot for the world domination (-mination)
See, I’m tryna get to the tippitty top
To where Kanye and Jay-Z adjacent”

  • Unlike some of today’s rappers who state they’re just in it for the fun, at least Nas tells the audience he’s actually seeking greatness, so props to him.

While putting out two songs won’t propel you to the upper echelons of rap, through his second song, Nas offers his fans a glimpse of what’s happening in his world, and how he has his eyes on the prize. Only time will tell.

Andy Moran

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