I Took Some Time To Process The GoT Finale And Here Are My Thoughts

Well, after 8 long seasons (arguably, not long enough) Game of Thrones has officially come to an end. Goodbye to spending our Sunday nights refreshing the HBO app, waiting for the new episode to be available.

Initial feelings about the episode were… mixed, to say the least. Actually, I’d venture to say a majority of fans had a less-than-enthusiastic response to season 8 as a whole.

I was someone throughout the season that could appreciate the episodes (for the most part) for what they were. I didn’t want to think too far into any plot holes or rush story lines because I just wanted to enjoy the final season of an awesome show. All of that being said, I couldn’t help but be left a little unsatisfied at the end of it all. Between Bran the Broken being on the Iron Throne, to Jon returned to the Night’s Watch (to do what, exactly?) it just felt a little flat. I wasn’t nearly as outraged as my fellow fans, but I could’ve used another episode or two to convince me this was how it should end.

So. I watched the episode, I waited a few days, and then I watched it again. And now I have officially come to the conclusion that it really wasn’t that bad. At the end of the day, the creators and writings of any show get to do whatever they damn well please with it. The fans do not get to dictate the creative process because we believe we’re entitled to do so.

Did I see Bran ending up on the Iron Throne? No. Do I love that this forces them to test a new system of government? Yes. Absolutely. Daenerys’ plan to break the wheel came to fruition, but just not exactly how she planned.

Cersei and Jaime died together like the trash that they are. Did it happen as graphically as we wanted it to? No. Did they still die? Yes.

Jon Snow did not end up as King of the Seven Kingdoms, but he never wanted that life anyway.

Arya has done nothing but the opposite of what we expect her to do. Plus, homegirl just killed the Night King! Leave her alone and let her find out what’s west of Westeros.

Moral of the story – it may not have been what fans thought should happen, but that’s exactly what happened in the other 7 seasons, too! We didn’t want Ned to die in season 1. We didn’t ask for the Red Wedding. But those things happened regardless of what we wanted for the show, and that’s what happened with season 8.

So, relax. Stop signing petitions. Stop vowing to never watch again. It’s still an amazing show that provided it’s fans with eight seasons worth of content to look forward to and talk about.


My name is Mackenzie Bender and I currently work in the Marketing Department at Spooky Nook Sports, the largest sports complex in North America. I’m a graduate of Shippensburg University with a Bachelors in Business Management. Growing up in Lancaster County, I came to love all things Philadelphia sports related and believe that the importance of female representation in the sports world can’t be understated. I also enjoy writing about tv shows, movies, pop culture, and, well, basically my opinion on anything I feel like talking about.

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