Jams for your summer playlist

Whether you’re on the back roads of your hometown or dealing with city traffic, few things are better than good ol’ summer tunes with the windows down and your friends in the car.

I’ll soon be heading down to Ocean City, Maryland, to be a degenerate for a couple of days and found myself with a crate full of songs I know will accompany the early morning jams, afternoon “pick-me-up” tunes, and hopefully I’ll survive the day to play late night heartbreakers. So while we desperately await for Drake to drop another summer hit (duhhhhh), I’ve collected some songs from my personal library that I think can compliment any summer playlist. Some are throwbacks, some are more low key, but all are songs I’ve recently come across and I guarantee you’ll fancy at least one of them (listed in no particular order).

Nowadays – PnB Rock

Genre: Rap

Not really a huge PnB Rock fan, but (given the many benefits of having Spotify) I saw a friend listening to this song in my feed, so I decided to give it a try. TrapStar Turnt PopStar, the rapper’s sophomore album, dropped in early May of this year.

Don’t Tell Me It’s Over – Neck Deep

Genre: Punk Rock

Shortly after announcing they’ll be supporting Blink 182 and Lil Wayne on tour this summer, ND decided to release their cover of Blink’s “Don’t Tell Me It’s Over.” As we await their fourth album, I’ll take this in the mean time!

Soltera – Lunay

Genre: Reggeaton

Wanna impress your Caucasian friends and claim to be cultured? Fear not! Play this. Lunay has only been around since 2018 and with Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee hopping on his new remix, he’s bound to blow up. You can say you heard it first.

Tap Ft. Meek Mill – Nav

Genre: Rap

If there’s a rap single in the Spring of 2019 that should float above the rest, it’s this one. Nav delivers one of his best choruses on his album and Meek shows up with baarrrsssss.

How Does It Feel – M-22

Genre: EDM

Here’s hopping that even if you hate EDM, you open your mind to this one.

Paid In Full Ft. PlayBoi Carti – Safe

Genre: Rap

I love all things Carti. Although he only features on this track, he compliments it perfectly. His self-titled debut album Playboi Carti in 2017 was all I listened to that summer. Glad I get a little bit of him this year.

Lose My Mind Ft. Mr. Gabriel – Jai Wolf

Genre: Indie-Electronic?

This song is f****** sick. The chorus transports you to whole another place.

Better Not – Louis the Child

Genre: EDM

One of their most recognized songs, ‘Better Now’ always gets me in a good mood. Check out their 2018 EP “Kids at Play” if you end up adding this to your playlist.

Ex – Your Neighbors

Genre: Alternative Rock

I recently discovered this band and even though this came out last year, it’s a FUNKY track with warm vibes. Like Suuuuper funky. I’ve sent this song to a lot of people.

Shoutout to all my ex’s that live in Texas like I’m George Strait.

Treacherous Doctor – Wallows

Genre: Alternative Rock

This whole album is amazing, but this is my favorite track on Wallows’ debut album. If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys, this is a band for you. Fun Fact: 13 Reasons Why‘s Clay Jensen, real name Dylan Minnette, is the lead singer and may surprise some of you.

Ms. Jackson – Party Pupils

Genre: EDM

This always gets heads turning. A beautiful, even more up beat, remix of Outkast’s song of the same name.

Hi Tops – M.A.G.S

Genre: Punk Rock

If you’ve made it this far into this playlist, you’re bound to have some “sunday scaries.” This is your remedy. Carry on.

No Scrubs – TLC

Genre: R&B, Hip-Hop

This song makes us all feel like an empowered single woman. Nothing more manly than a squad full of your best bros perfectly collaborating on the chorus. Ya’ll really surprised I have this on here?

Andy Moran

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