Bold predictions for 2019 NBA Off Season

The NBA Off Season is already underway, kicking into full gear with the NBA Draft on Thursday, and Free Agency set for June 30 at 6:00 p.m.

Of course, the NBA waits for no one, as the Pelicans and Lakers have combined for the off season’s first blockbuster deal, sending F Anthony Davis to LA.

Despite such a major move being among the first chips to drop this off season, there will surely be some big moves to follow.

Here are my bold predictions for the upcoming NBA Off Season:

The Lakers fail to land another star

This one is a bit subjective, since others may label a ‘star player’ differently than I. However, what I mean is that LA won’t land any of the following:

  • F Kawhi Leonard
  • F Kevin Durant
  • G/F Klay Thompson
  • G Kemba Walker
  • G Jimmy Butler
  • G Kyrie Irving
  • C DeMarcus Cousins

Frankly, I think all of the above players will find better situations for themselves or more money. In reality, I think it’s much more likely that the Lakers land a few mid-level free agents, like G Derrick Rose and F Jabari Parker, than land another star.

Personally, I think the mid-level route will be the best way for LA to fill out their roster.

The Sixers run it back

That’s right: I think the Sixers sign both G Jimmy Butler and F Tobias Harris to max-deals.

As the landscape of the off season has begun to unfold, I believe it has become increasingly clear that Philadelphia has backed itself into a corner.

The team has traded away almost all of its assets in deals for Butler and Harris in the past year, and letting them walk would leave the team with nothing.

With the advantage of being able to offer both players more money, I think the Sixers bite the bullet and take the chance and long term investment on two players they’ve already sunk a lot of assets in.

The Knicks also miss out landing… anyone

This was the off season of change for the New York Knicks.

Unfortunately for the franchise, it’s been one gut punch after another, as the team missed out on landing any of the top two picks in the lottery and watched F Kevin Durant, who was rumored to be possibly coming to New York, tear his Achilles.

Now, it’s looking like no major free agent is looking at the Knicks.

If G Kyrie Irving truly does sign with the Brooklyn Nets as has been oft-rumored of late, I think we see another tragic off season for the Knickerbockers, followed by an even more awful regular season.

Hey, at least they have Fs R.J. Barrett and Kevin Knox, right?

Suns, Celtics make the remaining big trades

When you aren’t a free agent destination (Phoenix) or are nearly maxed out of cap space (Boston) one of the only other routes for roster improvement is via the trade.

Of course, Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge is one of the best at making those, and after missing out on Anthony Davis, I believe Ainge has a backup deal up his sleeve.

Clearly, there were some chemistry issues with last year’s Celtics. With Irving leaving, that should resolve itself, but the team is also much less talented. I think Ainge moves one of G/F Jayson Tatum, G/F Jaylen Brown or G Terry Rozier along with two of the team’s draft picks in order to land an impact player.

In Phoenix, I think the Suns are done waiting around for their point guard of the future. If Irving really does sign with the Nets, it has been rumored that G De’Angelo Russell would become available, as a backcourt of Irving and Russell would be less than ideal defensively.

I think the Suns could package the sixth overall pick a F T.J. Warren to bring Russell into pair with G Devin Booker in the back court.

Moving forward, that would give the Suns a big three of Booker, Russell, and C DeAndre Ayton. Things would surely get hotter in Phoenix this winter!

Thanks for reading 789 Media’s NBA Off Season predictions. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Cale Ahearn

I am currently a Digital Content Producer at WPMT-FOX43, at least that's my day job. I am a graduate of Shippensburg University that majored in Communications/Journalism. My goal and dream is to cover professional sports for a living. I am a lifelong Philadelphia Sports fan, and am a diehard of the Phillies, Eagles, and Sixers. Ultimately, my goal is to make 789 Media the best it can be, your one-stop-shop for news, music and entertainment news, sports, and anything you could want for your homepage of your web browser to be. I hope you enjoy the content of our site as much as we enjoy creating it.

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