2019 NBA Draft: Instant Sixers Reactions

It’s late as I write this. I’m tired, annoyed, ready for June 30th.

The NBA Draft has come and gone. Zion Williamson went first to New Orleans (predictably). The Suns made some weird moves (predictably). And the Sixers sold second round picks for gift cards to Olive Garden and a pair of Jeans (most predictable of them all).

While the focus of the offseason for our dear Sixers will continue to be free agency and getting Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler back in the fold, the draft is always a nice way to add young cheap talent and develop them into good NBA Players and add depth to the roster.

Going into tonight, the Sixers owned picks, 24, 33, 34, 42 and 54. It is completely reasonable to expect them to wheel deal some of those, as going into the season with 5 rookies on the roster is a bit much.

Moving some to move up, or perhaps pick up more picks in a later draft is what should be expected.

However, with the presumed big cap hit coming if we were to, say, run it BACK, cheap talent on second round contracts would be a luxury.

But, maybe the Sixers front office didn’t see this the same way…let’s recap.

Sixers trade picks 24 and 33 to the Boston Celtics for pick 20 to select Matisse Thybulle, F, Washington.

I like Thybulle, he was the best defender in college basketball last year, he is experienced, and he can come right in and play immediately, you know, barring a catastrophic allergy to peanuts.

He only shot 30% from 3 last year, but the his Junior season he shot it at 38%, so he definitely has potential to shoot it from deep. So depending on how free agency shakes out Thybulle could become incredibly important to their plans this season.

Photo: The News Tribune

I would love this a lot more if Boston didn’t use those two picks on Grant Williams and Carsen Edwards, respectively two guys I liked a lot.

Sixers Trade 34 (Bruno Fernando, C, Maryland), to the Hawks for two future second round picks and 57.

I don’t get this one. Fernando wasn’t my favorite guy on the board at the time, but the Sixers needed cheap talent, and a backup big man, so giving this one away for future considerations is, peculiar, to put it kindly.

Sixers trade pick 42 (Admiral Schofield, F, Tennessee) and Jon Simmons to the Wizards for Cash Considerations

I don’t get this one even more than I didn’t get the last one. The Sixers could have cut Simmons and stretched his contract and it would have cost nothing. I really like Schofield, so watching another guy the Sixers didn’t get to have while having “drafted by the Sixers” next to their name gave me the big sad.

I’m not going to miss Simmons though, he was the human victory cigar, nothing more, nothing less. With Simmons gone and the Kings pick finally drafted tonight by Boston (Indiana’s Romeo Langford) the Markelle Fultz trade is finally complete.


Sixers select Marial Shayok, F, Iowa State with the 54th pick.

I am being told by Jay Bilas and my pal Dylan that this guy is a real player. Yay!

Sixers select Jordan Bone, G, Tennessee with the 57th pick.

Jordan Bone is actually somebody who I noticed in the tournament this year. I am not college basketball expert by any means, but he made some plays that I liked!

……And he just got traded to Detroit, NICE.

So after starting the night, the Sixers come away with a potential two way player, some future second round picks, somebody I learned existed mere moments ago, and a new pair of slacks for Josh Harris.

Not exactly the night we all hoped for. However, we have bigger fish to fry. Plus, on TV, Woj (NBA Twitter Gawd for the people new here) just said the Sixers may get a meeting with Kawhi. We aren’t LA, so I wouldn’t take that with anything more than a grain of salt. But, I thought it was really interesting he just threw that in there.

Draft night is still awesome, so I love watching these. Free agency is right around the corner. Everybody get ready.

You all know it by now.

Photo: Sixers Wire


Tyler Downey

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