The Newest Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family – The Lite

Since its release in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been a revolutionary hybrid console, allowing you to play on both the TV and on-the-go. For people who love playing video games everywhere they go, this is the perfect console to buy, at $299.

On July 10th, Nintendo released a video announcing the Nintendo Switch Lite. It is compact and lightweight so that it is easy to take on the go. The Lite is expected to be available September 20th and will be available in three colors – turquoise, gray and yellow.

There will also be a fourth option available in November. This one will be light gray with cyan and magenta buttons. The back will have illustrations of Zacian and Zamazenta, the mascots of this year’s new Pokémon games, Sword and Shield.

What’s the difference? Unlike the original Switch, the Lite is specifically for handheld use. The controllers are permanently attached, meaning that while most Switch games are supported, the console by itself is not compatible with games such as 1-2-Switch and Super Mario Party, which cannot be played in handheld mode without detaching the Joy-cons. For these, you would have to purchase separate Joy-Cons.

It also lacks the rumble feature, the IR sensor and a kickstand. But it does feature 20-30% better battery life than the original Switch. This is probably because it is only handheld and you can’t dock it and play on the big screen while it charges.

Set at a cheaper price than the original switch, the Lite will be available at just $199.99.

Madyson Bracken

Hey! I'm a Communication/Journalism student at Shippensburg University. I like movies, TV, all genres of music and writing.

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