Halloween Kills and Ends – Michael Myers Isn’t Done

The original teen-scream premiered in 1978, bringing a new meaning to Halloween’s night of trick-or-treating fun. Eleven films have so far been released, seven of which are retconned sequels and two are remakes.

With the release of the eleventh film in the franchise, the seven retconned sequels were essentially erased from the board. Halloween (2018) brought back Laurie Strode’s original actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, as she faced off against the masked figure known as Michael Myers who has been haunting her since his killing spree on Halloween night four decades prior.

Source: The Verge

The final showdown ended when Michael was knocked into Laurie’s safe room, and she, her daughter, Karen, and her granddaughter, Allyson, barricaded the exit and trapped him in the room as it filled with gas. Laurie lit a flare and tossed it in, setting the room ablaze.

It seemed like this would be the end, but nope. We got two more sequels on the way. Now why would we expect a serial slasher to have died in a fire that destroyed an entire house while he was stuck in an unescapable room? I mean I even stayed long enough to get through the entire credits just in case there was an end credit scene. Nothing but some heavy breathing. Not a whole lot to go on, you know?

Halloween Kills is set to release October 16, 2020, and Halloween Ends is set to release October 15, 2021. Both will be directed by David Gordon Green. As the names suggests, I would expected Michael Myers to finally and truly die in Halloween Ends. Either that, or Halloween is forever cancelled.

Source: Collider
Director David Gordon Green and his co-writer Danny McBride on the set of “Halloween.” The two will also be working on both upcoming sequels.

Gotta say, as a fan of movies that came out between 1970 and 2000, I am hyped to see the upcoming sequels.

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