BREAKING: Sony Stinks

Oooooooooooh man I am BIG mad.

Even after a few hours of digesting it and conflicting reports, I am still annoyed.

For those of you asking why? Well:

Now, as a die hard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is awful. As a diehard of Spider-Man alone, it may be even worse.

Sony had 5 Spider-Man movies, 2 were good. That’s it.


Ever since they collaborated with Marvel Studios to bring us Tom Holland’s version of the character, Spider-Man’s stock has never been higher.

He’s a fan favorite, a heart-throb, the next center of the biggest movie universe of all time, and most of all, a big money-maker.

Spider-Man: Far From Home was the first Spider-Man movie ever to eclipse the billion dollar mark, and Sony’s first movie of the year to do so. Meanwhile, Disney is pumping out Billion dollar movies every week it seems, Sony’s got one…and Disney helped.

As soon as the news broke, people outraged, and the memes were aplenty.

Something is up here, I think it’s a farce.

I’m an NBA guy, which is ALL about leaks and strategically using the media for your advantage, and this reeks of a Marvel leak.

Think about it, while not having Spider-Man sucks, it doesn’t crush Marvel Studios or the MCU.

The MCU Phase 4 slate could theoretically operate without Peter Parker. Don’t get me wrong, it absolutely should have him at the center of it all, but it CAN survive.

Sony can’t.

Sony has had countless PR dumpster fires over the last decade, this joining the long list of them. This is all in Marvels favor. If Sony yanks Marvel’s top character, the boycotts will be real, and they will be loud, and they will be expensive.

People talk about boycotting stuff all the time, but this is one that’ll stick. Comicbook fans are hardcore, and people did NOT like this.

People won’t see Venom 2, people won’t see the non-MCU Spider-Man, hell, people won’t see Jumanji for this. It has a ripple effect.

Which is why I think, ultimately, a deal gets done.

It makes too much sense for both sides, especially Sony.

Plus, reports are already coming out that “both sides are optimistic” which is code for “that didn’t work, hold please!”

So fear not, fellow MCU-stans, Sony hasn’t ripped the rug up from under our feet just yet.

Image result for spider-man scared

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Tyler Downey

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