Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 2

With week 1 comes a lot of rust.

You saw the Eagles in the first half on Sunday. Rusty, slow, disorganized, and flat out not efficient.

That goes for us off the field as well. I completely disregarded me contradicting myself in the column, and that falls squarely on me. I won’t let any of you down from here on out. Thanks to Koov for checking me on that and making sure we corrected our mistakes in film study for this week.

Week 1 is behind us and I hope everybody listened to me because I made some preeeeeetty preeeety good predictions last week. But whether you won by 50, or lost to your Mother like I did, that’s in the past, and unlike our favorite Avengers (spoilers), we aren’t going back in time to fix our mistakes. We must move forward.

There’s two things we can ALWAYS count on: 1. Me being irrationally confident with no basis on which to do so and 2. Mentioning the Avengers literally every single week.

Don’t count on me forgetting to do either of those things ever. Lets get to our picks, shall we?


Image result for desean jackson
Photo: Michael Perez

DeSean Jackson, PHI WR

You saw Sunday, right? The dude looks like he reversed time 10 years. I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t look like just a deep threat, he looked like a number 1 wide receiver. Some people are just meant to play for some teams and the guy was born to be an Eagle. As soon as he got going the Eagles took off. He scored 36 fantasy points last week and I fully expect him to have another big night Sunday against Atlanta.


He reverts back to Washington and Tampa Bay Desean and can’t get open and the Eagles struggle. We all know this isn’t going to happen.

Michael Gallup, DAL WR

Obviously Amari Cooper rightfully gets all of the attention for the Cowboys, but Gallup can play. He went for 7/158 last week and is playing a porous Washington secondary this week. He should be starting, and it isn’t a difficult decision.


Lol he’s a Cowboy and they stink, duh.

Darren Waller, OAK TE

Now, if you watched Hard Knocks this season like me, you know that this season was boring as h*ck. However, aside from Antonio Brown circus show, Darren Waller was quietly getting to business. Recovering from drug abuse, he has seemed to turn himself into a formidable threat on the field. He had a great game against Denver on Monday night and I see that carrying over to this week against Kansas City, who proved they can’t stop a 6th round rookie backup at QB.


He plays for the Raiders who’s coach is an evil doll who has proved time and time again he shouldn’t be back coaching and should be in the booth instead. Why would you start a Raider that isn’t Josh Jacobs?


Image result for john ross
(Photo: Troy Wayrynen)

John Ross III, CIN WR

I know I know, he had the big game against Seattle, the hardest place to play in the NFL (arguably). Don’t fall for it. It was week 1, you can’t overreact to literally every single thing that happens. You can selectively overreact like the rest of us. That was the first time as a pro John Ross has done literally anything, so until he proves he can do it time and time again, I am not trusting him.


He is one of the best big play threats and he runs wild against San Francisco while the guy or girl you’re playing laughs all the way to the winners circle while you spend all of Monday with the big sad.

Adrian Peterson, WSH RB

Guice is injured and it still doesn’t matter. He was inactive behind three running backs last week. One of them was Wendell Smallwood, who didn’t play and stinks. Don’t rely on Peterson this week.


He goes for 140 and two touchdowns as he looks me right in the soul as he’s done the last 4 years that I have said he is washed.

Christian McCaffrey, CAR RB

Lol I’m just kidding he is locked in for 38 points this week.

Hollywood Brown, BAL WR

This guy was a beast last week. He looked like him and Lamar have something special cooking down in Baltimore. However, I want to see a little bit more before you should put him in your lineup. He is going to be a player, I would just wait to see if he can do it on a sustained level for weeks in a row.


Lamar is going to go for another 5 scores against a Cardinals defense that doesn’t have Patrick Peterson patrolling the secondary and Hollywood Brown is gonna go for 200 yards and another score, and you just lost to Jim from payroll to go down 0-2 in the work league that you told all of your buddies you were going to roll over.

That about wraps it up for week 2. No rust this week as we are sure to go 6/6 on this weeks picks, I can guarantee it.*

*That was a lie, I can’t guarantee anything except total nonsense. Good luck everybody! See you next week.

Tyler Downey

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