Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 6

When I got back into writing, I really didn’t know what to expect. My decision was on a whim, it was completely unprovoked, and it was pretty much impulsive. When the opportunity presented itself to me, I felt called to take it.

This week, it will have been 1 full year since I decided to dip my pen again and get back to talking through the screen for people to see.

It has been a year of crazy life changes, growth, happiness, sadness, turmoil, celebration. You name it, I’ve felt it this past year.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me, whether it be sports, the MCU, how I’m feeling, whatever. When I write, I’m just venting onto the screen. It’s helped me through tough times and through good times.

I had absolutely no idea the journey 789 would take me on, let alone that I would still be doing it a year later. The Unqualified Fantasy Corner was the first real thing I ever wrote about and it has remained constant, 52 weeks and 365 days later, people still support me, and that’s crazy to me.

I love fantasy football, it drives me nuts, but I love it, talking smack with friends and family, laughing at the memes and cheering for the crazy plays, it is a way to connect to people in a way you might not think. “Dungeons and Dragons for football” is how I often describe it, and my friends that play D&D always chuckle when we make that comparison.

I love writing and people telling me they read my little ole articles means more to me than I can express fully on the page here. I can’t wait to keep putting out the articles and being incorrect, it’s what it’s all about.

My friends, my family and my girlfriend always share my articles and help me put these together every freakin week, and they are the best people in the world, the support system I have still baffles me and I truly am the luckiest fella out there.

Alright, let’s put the sentimental pen in the drawer and get me the WINNING pen.

Week 6 LETS GO.


Image result for stefon diggs
(Photo: USA Today)

Ben Simmons, PHI PG

He hits 3’s now. It’s over. #EasternConferenceRevengeTour


I’m not. Shoutout to Dylan for this one.

Teddy Bridgewater, NO QB

I will admit it, I left the Saints for dead when Grandpa Brees went down. I thought Bridgewater was cooked and he couldn’t do it anymore. Wrong. He’s managed the game yes, but his deep ball looks great. Against the Jags D minus Ramsey, he could have a nice little day launching to Michael Thomas all night.


Now, it is entirely possible he gets completely outplayed by the MVP on the other sideline.

Gardner Minshew. I’m talking about Gardner Minshew.

Stefon Diggs, MIN WR

He’s pissed off, due for a monster outing, and he’s going to have the Eagles more than questionable secondary on him. He’s going to go off.


My #DoubleDown of the week. I’m not wrong.

(Please delete this section when I’m wrong, thanks.)

Jordan Howard, PHI RB

Howard is a beast, and it sounds like Doug is going to reward him. He said on WIP Monday morning that he is tempted to give Howard more work coming up. All he does is run hard and get 5 yards a pop. He’s the hot hand and he will continue to be.


You did it, you finally made it to where you’re confident to start and forget about Jordan Howard and whoops he gets 9 yards and no touchdowns. Sorry!

Tuesday’s, Day of the Week

Flash and Arrow are back airing on Tuesday’s. I’m really excited about it.


Two #DoubleDown’s in one week?! You bet.


Image result for latavius murray
(Photo: Stephen Lew)

Baker Mayfield, CLE QB

You all saw Monday, right?


Until he proves me wrong, sit him. And don’t regret it for one second.

Sam Darnold, NYJ QB

Sammy D is finally back after copping the elusive mono. He’ll be rusty, and they aren’t going to beat the Cowboys. I wish they would, but they won’t. The Jets stink, Adam Gase stinks and you can absolutely find a better streaming option if your All-World starter Derek Carr is off this week.


Sam Darnold and his normally sized spleen dismantle the reeling Cowboys. You lose to the guy desperate enough to start him, and you’re yelling louder than Skip Bayless on Instagram with his camera too close to his face.

Latavius Murray, NO RB

So I was SUPER high on Murray this year, like I thought he would be Mark Ingram-lite this year for the Saints. Well, I’m not doing so hot on that prediction. Murray stinks and he barely gets the ball. I would not stream him this week as a bye week play, even against a Jags run D that just got gashed by the best player in football.


Murray is gonna have 3 rushes for 9 yards and a score and I’m still going to look silly.

That just about wraps us up here for week 6. The season is full steam ahead and it’s getting to the point where if you start really stacking losses you are in big trouble come playoff time.

Stay disciplined, don’t make rash decisions and for the love of God stop trusting Philip Rivers.

Thanks again to everybody for all of the support over the last year.

Here’s to year 2! See y’all next week.

Tyler Downey

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