Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 7

Well…it’s mid-season. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Self, how did we get here already? It was just training camp, and I was so excited about picking Saquon Barkley first overall.” Well, self, welcome to Sadtown.

We are officially at Week 7, aka the halfway point to fantasy playoffs, it’s time to figure it out, work around those bye weeks, and get ready for the home stretch.

If you are 2-4 after starting Marquez Valdez-Scantling for an unprecedented 4th week in a row, or you’re 5-1 after your opponent started Marquez Valdez-Scantling for an unprecedented 4th week in a row; it’s time to make the final push to (or away from) glory.

There are a TON of monster players on bye this week, so it’s time to keep the ship right while they’re gone.

Let’s find those fill-ins to keep things moving, shall we?


Image result for courtland sutton
(Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)

Courtland Sutton, DEN WR

Sutton has quietly put together a nice little campaign here. He’s the 10th ranked receiver in PPR and they play the Chiefs, who are absolutely reeling, and stink out loud on defense. At this point Sutton is a borderline must-start.


It’s Thursday and Joe Flacco is his quarterback, two of the most uncertain things in football.

Miles Sanders, PHI RB

I present to you: The Eagles best big play receiver. I have spent my entire life wondering why the Eagles couldn’t get a James White type…well, they got him. Sanders has the hottest wheel route in the game right now, and they’re going to need him Sunday night to beat the Cowboys in the biggest game of the year. Bet on him making a big play.


The Eagles induce nothing but pain and sadness and the only Eagles that should be consistent fantasy starters are Alshon Jeffrey and Zach Ertz.

Matt Breida, SF RB

This is now the third year in a row I am left wondering why Brieda doesn’t touch the ball every other play. The dude runs just about as hard as anybody in the league and he is lightning quick. The Niners all of a sudden look like one of the best teams in football and they play Washington this week, who barely beat a team from the Sun Belt Conference on Sunday. Start Brieda and don’t even think twice about it.


The Niners have a backfield platoon of roughly 7 dudes that all run hard and well, and you know by me jinxing Brieda he is going to be the last fiddle. You know it.


Image result for brandin cooks
(Photo: Wally Skalij/LA Times)

Marquez Valdez-Scantling, GB WR

I have no words anymore.



Brandin Cooks, LAR WR

I just want somebody who is reading this, anybody, could you do me a favor? Around Labor Day weekend 2020, when I’m lounging out, having a few cold ones, and preparing for my fantasy draft, PLEASE slap me when I say out loud AGAIN, “you know what, I’m just going to go with Cooks, he plays for the Rams, I’ll be fine.” This is the 5th year in a row I’ve done this, please stop me.


The Rams play the Falcons in a dome, you know the moment he’s on your bench he is destined for two touchdowns this week. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

The Los Angeles Chargers Offense, Everybody LAC

What the h*ck happened to the Chargers? They have been a disaster this season, and especially in the last few weeks. They lost to a guy named Duck who has never started before and then Phillip Rivers got old, or he’s tired from having 97 children, I/m not sure. But nobody is a sure thing. Ekeler? Nope, Gordon came back. Keenan Allen? Yeah probably, but with how Rivers is playing I’m not so sure. Hunter Henry? Glass bones and paper skin.


The Tyler jinx strikes again, you know dang well they’re putting up 40 this week. Why don’t you go ahead and bet the over now while you’re ahead.

Alright everybody, I don’t want any slouch performances this week. It is not too late to storm back and make the playoffs, the late run starts NOW….hey wow look at that in the time I typed this sentence I think Stefon Diggs just ran by the Eagles secondary again.

See everybody next Wednesday.

Tyler Downey

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