Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 8

Five weeks.

You have five weeks to figure it the h*ck out, fellow 3-4 fantasy owner who just had three injuries to his or her starting lineup while also winning keeping yourself in playoff contention.

The injury monster has come out from under the bed and stolen all of your players and dragged them into the nether world.

If you don’t make win-now moves it is OVER.

Now, if you’re anything like me…you panicked, and made 7 waiver moves to try and clean up the mess that last weeks carnage.

Luckily, Dr. Tyler is here to diagnose all of your issues and fix you for good. Your fantasy football issues, that is, not your real life issues. I am not a real doctor.

In this week’s edition, we are going to focus on the injury “cures” that are out there on the waiver wire.

If at any point at all any of these players give you heartburn for their play on the field….this conversation never happened and you never saw me.

Where is this going you ask? I have absolutely no idea either.

To the PICKS!


Image result for daesean hamilton
(Photo: Broncos Wire)

DaeSean Hamilton, DEN WR

Emmanuel Sanders is gone. Rejoice, DaeSean stans! (I am talking to you, Harney.) With Sanders gone, that opens up a nice number of targets for Noodle Arm Flacco to throw too. They play the Colts, they have a great defense, but Hamilton will get targets because they will fall behind. Give him a shot.


This will only be the SECOND biggest disappointment of Penn State’s weekend when Hamilton doesn’t do a damn thing.

Ty Johnson, DET RB

I know, the mean people on TV said picking Kerryon Johnson was a good idea this year and they said he wouldn’t get hurt just like he did last year. Well, dummy that picked him in the SECOND ROUND, he’s gone, and now you’re in need of a running back. Simple answer, get his replacement. Ty Johnson can play and he will, scoop him up and start him if you can.


J.D. McKissic is going to make you feel hella silly when he’s running wild Sunday and you have like 3 points from Johnson. You know it AND I know it.

Matt Moore, KC QB

We’re getting real weird now. Matt Moore is going to go off Sunday night. I don’t know why, I just have a feeling. Kelce on a 60 yard bomb early on to set the tone. You know what, go ahead and BOOK IT.


*Matt Moore is 11/27 for 121 yards and 3 interceptions at 9:49 PM on Sunday* Please don’t look at me.


Image result for mason rudolph
(Photo: CBS Pittsburgh)

Preston Williams and Mark Walton, MIA WR/RB

They play for the Dolphins.


Don’t overthink it.

AJ Brown, TEN WR

Ah, how I have missed the Ryan Tannehill trap. He shows up for a game aginst a crappy team, puts up decent numbers, ignites the team and secures a W. I can’t wait to fall for it this Sunday when he lays an absolute egg and reminds the Titans fans that they truly are screwed regardless who is behind center. Oh yeah, this is about AJ Brown. He is impressive, but don’t get sucked in. His QB’s are too inconsistent.


To be completely honest with you all I am starting Brown this week and I am trying to #ReverseJinx myself like I do with everybody else. I can’t wait for this to blow up in my face!

Mason Rudolph, PIT QB

I am thrilled Mason Rudolph is back healthy after that incredibly scary hit he took a few weeks back. He is back against the Dolphins and is looking to get the Steelers back into it in a wide open Wild Card race in the AFC. But, I am anxious to see how he responds after that hit from a few weeks ago. It’s a good match-up, but I would maybe see what else is out there before pulling the trigger here.



That wraps up the Waiver Wire version of Tyler’s UFC. I should look into getting that trademarked, it really rolls off the tongue…UFC!

Good luck everybody…except my Mom. I play her this weekend.

See y’all next Wednesday!

Tyler Downey

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