Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 9


Hope is a tricky thing. You can go from having none whatsoever, to all the hope in the world. Your team could be down 25 and you could have the bleakest outlook on existence possible in that moment…and within a blink of an eye, be down 4 on one play and you’re on top of the world….

…only to lose after you stay down 4 forever. Or, your favorite basketball team is down 8 with 6 minutes left, and they gut it out. Sometimes, it’s within a hair that it can go either way.

Regardless, you have to have hope.

I’ve been gearing up for a certain movie from a certain franchise that’s owned by a certain company that’s coming out in a few short weeks, and the theme of the entire franchise: hope.

(I’m talking about Star Wars, in case you didn’t know.)

Without hope, you have nothing. Everything you do should be based on hope. Along with that hope, comes action. You hope things go in your favor, but it is up to you to make it so.

Just like our hero Luke, he was the “hope” to take down the Empire, but it was up to him to not succumb to the dark side and the lure of his father to join the Emperor.

For us, the Emperor is the toilet bowl, not being in the illustrious final 4 or 6 left, infinite mortality. It is, our Death Star.

We feel the pull of giving up after that close 1 point loss after that dreadful Monday Night game. You’re 3-5, staring the Dark Side in the face.

Use the force, grab your light saber, and go to work against your next opponent.

The toilet bowl underestimated the power of the waiver wire, and now it will be it’s undoing, because we had hope.

Another week toward the playoff push, let’s get cracking.


Image result for carson wentz"
(Photo: The Athletic)

Curtis Samuel, CAR WR

I don’t know what it is telling me that this is going to happen, but the Panthers are coming back in a strong way this weekend. They were embarrassed in San Francisco last weekend, that was a beat down for the ages. They bounce back in a big way. That jet sweep to Curtis Samuel for a long touchdown leads the charge.


Instead of this week being the bounce back, it begins the downfall of Kyle Allen and the Panthers. Last weekend was a precursor to the end. That tough Titans Defense stiffens up to shut down the Panthers and Samuel. Who unlike Luke using the force to take the Death Star, is unable to skate past the staunch defenders.

Diontae Johnson, PIT WR

Diontae Johnson has come on a bit here for Mason Rudolph. He had a big touchdown against the Dolphins the other night, and he has proven to be a big play threat. The Steelers have a massive few games coming up, and if they want to make a playoff push, they will need big plays. Johnson will provide them.


Johnson has been very hit or miss. And lately, it has been hit miss hit miss hit miss. You get the idea. Don’t try to go overboard. Be smart, fellow Jedi Masters.

Carson Wentz, PHI QB

Call it a gut feeling.


Trust me.


Image result for lesean mccoy"
Photo: ChiefsWire

Kenyan Drake, ARI RB

Kenyan Drake could be literally hand-gifted 400 yards on a silver platter and I still wouldn’t trust him. I don’t care what team he is on, I don’t care if he’s the only guy on the damn field. Do me a favor, and don’t.


Being as though Kenyan Drake is the only healthy dude in his new teams backfield, he is probably going to get opportunities, and it’s a Thursday game, so it’s going to be weird. So, I am probably wrong. But, Drake has wronged me so much personally I am just telling you how it is like playing him in your lineup. It stinks. Don’t do it.

LeSean McCoy, KC RB

I don’t know if it is Andy Reid, or the committee hasn’t been working, but the Chiefs backfield is atrocious. McCoy, the Williams’, it doesnt matter who it is, they can’t produce. Every time McCoy has something going, he fumbles and he is off the field. You would think that McCoy would step up with Mahomes out…buuuut he hasn’t. Stay clear of Shady, and anybody in the Chiefs backfield for that matter.


McCoy looks like the McCoy of old as he is using the force to stutter step through the Vikings defense like they’re the worthless droid army in Episodes II and III.

Jameis Winston, TB QB

Call it a gut feeling….I’m just kidding it’s Jameis Winston.


Lol don’t start Jameis Winston, come on.

Alright, young padawans. A new week, and new opportunity for the push to the playoffs, and THIS is the week you set yourselves apart from your friends in your league.

Why? Because you listened to a dork writing about Star Wars puns, and then did the exact opposite of what he says, because you’re SMART!

See y’all next week.

Tyler Downey

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