Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner – Round 1

The battle is over, but the war continues.

That’s a bit dramatic, I know. I’m trying to captivate the audience to start the article. What can I say, I’m an entertainer at heart.

The regular season is OVER! And boy, was it wild.

Our season ended in dramatic fashion, with 4 of the 5 6-6 teams in the playoff hunt winning knocking out our own commissioner by less than 10 points.

I never do this, but I want to give a big shout-out to Mike McNichol, our 12th place winner (loser). The guy had a bunch of injuries (Tyreek Hill, Hunter Henry), bad luck (scoring a grand total of about 22 points after 6 PM Week’s 12 and 13 combined) and unlucky draft picks that he continued to fight through and make the last week a sweat for literally 4 teams (myself included).

I had the pleasure (luck?) of facing Mike in Week 13 this year, it was possibly the most fun/awful/excruciating/hilarious fantasy match up of all time, that literally went on until CJ Ham fumbled that kickoff Monday night at about 11:30 PM EST.

Mike came in dead last by only 23 points, barely losing to Harney’s team, which featured Odell Beckham’s ghost and Kalen Ballage’s corpse.

Mike has gone about having to make the infamous fitness account as graceful as one could (lord knows I wouldn’t handle it well), and I hope everybody follows the account in it’s first year of existance (the @ to come, stay tuned..) Give my guy some clout, will ya?!

Alright, now that the fight for the instagram fitness account has come and gone…it is time for the real show: the PLAYOFFS! It is about dang time.

Let’s pick some winners (and losers) shall we?!



Image result for jarvis landry"
(Photo: Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Gardner Minshew, JAX QB

THE KING IS BACK! I here at @tdowney_ (follow me) have been a long supporter of Nick Foles. I wanted him to go get his money and do well. At least one of those things happened, because he stinks; and the Jags do too with him under center. Minshew is back to light this thing up.


He’s still a 6th round rooki-oh who am I kidding LOOK AT HIM! MINSHEW MANIA!

Image result for gardner minshew"
(Photo: Young Kwak)

Carson Wentz, PHI QB

The Eagles are bad. The Giants are worse. Homer take incoming, I’m just as annoyed as everybody else. Eagles stink, fire everybody, Carson stinks blah blah blah. Wentz is gonna have 300 yards and 3 touchdowns Monday Night and Joe Tessitore is going to be yelling like the Eagles just got elected president. Birds by 50.


I can think of 400 reasons I am. My simplest take is….I won’t be.

Jarvis Landry, CLE WR

The Browns stink, but it doesn’t matter for Landry! The dude is putting up numbers. He has great chemistry with Joe Pesci, excuse me I’m sorry, with Baker Mayfield playing quarterback. His coach is a disgrace and their offense is sad, doesn’t matter for ole Landry, he’s producing. Start him and forget about it.


Finally, the week Odell goes off! Yay!!! Good thing you started the other guy!! Enjoy the offseason.


Image result for odell beckham jr"
(Photo: BrownsWire)

Odell Beckham Jr., CLE WR

Now…on the other side of the offense. What the hell happened to OBJ? Does Baker hate him? Did Freddie Kitchens forget about him? Is he going to be traded again? I have no idea, but if you drafted him and made the playoffs, congrats, because I can’t believe it. Don’t start him.


10 catches 167 yards and 2 touchdowns. 38.7 fantasy points. It’s a formality.

Brandin Cooks, LAR WR

I am pretty proud of my fantasy teams. Playoffs all around, I even got a bye in my league with the squad from Shippensburg. Brandin Cooks…not my proudest pick. For myself and anybody else who has him, it’s not great! He’s back but you wouldn’t know it. I watched plenty of the Rams/Cards game, he was hardly noticeable. Not only should you not start him, I would think about cutting him. He’s just taking up space.


I can pretty much hear the whistle sound of the ball flying 70 yards down field as Cooks catches that long touchdown ruining your season, I can HEAR it.

Terry McLaurin, WAS WR

I have been a big fan of scary Terry this year. He is the only receiver on the Redskins you could even think about starting. With the playoffs here, you shouldn’t trust him. At all. If he didn’t burn you on your quest to get into the tournament, don’t let him do it now. Stay far away.


Sitting a young Washington player in a critical fantasy game with the risk of him going off? Boy, does that sound familiar to anybody? No? Okay.

Good luck everybody, if you have that bye week, sit back, kick your feet up, and watch the Eagles season go up in even more flames. If you are in the wild card round: good luck, godspeed and I will see you on the other side!

Tyler Downey

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