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Halloween Kills and Ends – Michael Myers Isn’t Done

The original teen-scream premiered in 1978, bringing a new meaning to Halloween’s night of trick-or-treating fun. Eleven films have so far been released, seven of which are retconned sequels and two are remakes. With the release of the eleventh film in the franchise, the seven retconned sequels were essentially erased from the board. Halloween (2018) brought back […]

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Top 10 Found Footage Horror Movies

I love horror movies, of all kinds. Supernatural movies are probably my favorite, and a good chunk of supernatural movies are found footage. Found footage films are sometimes based off “true” stories and show people’s continuing dealings with paranormal entities. I just like the reality of it. It’s closer to home – regular people dealing […]

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Is The New Chucky the Better Killer?

Last Friday, the new remake of the 1988 classic Child’s Play premiered in theaters. For those of you who don’t know, Child’s Play is about a killer doll named Chucky and his bloody rampage. Since the original, there have been six sequels, all created by Don Mancini. As the original tale goes, serial killer Charles Lee “Chucky” […]

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